Your friends think your a bit off the wall because you think running first thing in the AM is fun? Maybe you just recently dove into the multi-sport world and are training for your first triathlon or maybe your a seasoned pro in any case this is the place for you. Our passion is  adventure racing which involves many disciplines, it appeals to a wide variety athletes including runners, cyclists, climbers, kayakers, and backpackers. With races lasting from hours to days, this is a sport  that competitors of every fitness level can find the perfect race for a personal challenge. From dense forests to rocky singletrack, racers are faced with a variant of terrain and obstacles that require a well-rounded skill set to overcome.

Because adventure racing poses itself as one of the most challenging sports on the planet, it is important that athletes are able to create the best possible team for competitionWe have created a FREE online community for athletes to post their “resumes”, search for teammates and potential sponsors.

Heard of adventure racing but not quite sure if your up for a challenge? No problem many race producers offer sprint races lasting only a few hours! Go into it with an open mind and the goal to compete and finish to start.

If you are interested in getting your company listed with AR Teammate Finder please email us your logo as a PNG file  and company info- ITS FREE!


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